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Twenty-two years ago, a British girl fell for an Egyptian guy - they got married and had two amazing children. We have both moved a lot between the UK and Egypt but we decided to move back to Egypt, as life has a much slower pace and with a great family community we felt it so much better for our kids!

We both have a farming and equestrian background, giving the foundations for our dream.

Combined with our many years in tourism, we have incorporated this in all we have achieved to date.

Our life's dream is to 'live the dream' - and save as many souls as we can along the way!

Our passion is what keeps us going and makes us strive to do more and grow as much as we can.

Village scene.png

It has always been our ambition to start a farm, to become as self sufficient as possible. After working hard for the last 20 years, our dream was finally realised three years ago.

Coming from a farming and equestrian background, we have applied our combined 40 years' experience to make our farm and animals as healthy and happy as possible.


Animal welfare is so important to us, along with wildlife conservation - so, our mission has been to try and educate others, and to maintain an environment where wildlife can thrive and prosper.

"I visited the stables and got to meet all the animals, which are very well cared for. I was feeling quite nervous but Lesley put me at ease and we set off. The area around her stables is beautiful and we got to pass through some of the local villages."

"I had an amazing experience riding around the Luxor West Bank area and desert with Lesley. Her farm is a lovely place to visit with many cute animals to cuddle as well! Her horses are all incredibly well looked after and fun to ride. This activity is one of my highlights during my stay in Luxor and I would highly recommend riding or visiting Blue Lotus Farm if you have the chance!"

"Watching the local farmers work in the fields, tend to their herds and gather their crops, you really get a glimpse of Egyptian life without feeling like a tourist invading the local's space. The scenery is stunning with lots of interesting wildlife and plants and the desert and mountains in the distance make for an incredible backdrop! Lesley is a great horsewoman and very fun company which all contribute to a stress free, enjoyable ride!"

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