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milking cows


At Blue Lotus we love our farming animals and we want you to come and experience it to!

We have cows - horses - goats - cats and dogs :-)

On our small farm we have been working on becoming as self-sufficiant as possible working the land and producing our own flour butter and cheese!

So if you have ever wanted to try milking a cow or a goat or how to work the land and how we choose which crops to plant come along and we will show you how!


Pricing varies depending on your experience. Send us an equiry and let us know what you'd like to experience.

What To Expect

You will be able to choose from a day to a week experience where you can come and help work the farm from milking the cows, to helping work the horses, to working the land!

Our cows are super friendly and love a cuddle and love to be made a fuss of! Spending time with them is a great stress releiver and our guests love to help shower the girls which help with milk yeald! 

Our goats need to go out every day for some fresh grass so you can try your hand at goat herding :-)  Noddy our baby is a little naughty but super cute!

Our horses are the heart of our farm, working with them teachesus so much. Every day we need to work and groom them to keep them in top condition. 

We will also show you some traditional ways of Egyptian farming that stem back to the ancient Egyptians!

Every day is different so come and join us down on the farm! 

For more on the animals check out our intagram and the blog :-)

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