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Horse Care


If you live in Luxor and you have always wanted your own horse or may be you have a horse but want to stable it some where safe where you know your baby will be looked after to a high standard.

We can help!

With over 40 years riding experience and 20years working experience you couldn't ask for a better choice.


Pricing varies depending on the level of livery needed.

So please drop us an email.

What To Expect

Our facility can provide great stabling with all boxes littered. 

We have different tears of livery from DIY to Full Board. You can also mix and match if you want us to help when your not here we can accomodate that too!


We can provide all feeds and we have a vet on call 24hrs a day.


We can provide farrier care and also a menage for working your horse if you don't wand to ride out.


We are also close ot the desert so you are able to go out on uninterupted rides and gallops :-)


We can also provide help with exerising your horse when you are away. 

We have an on site instructor so you are also able to book lessons.

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