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Private Virtual Tours

If your having trouble finding the perfect gift for family, friends or even yourself why not take a virtual tour?!

Egypt has always been on most peoples bucket list, now here is your chance to give something unforgettable!

We have a fantastic selection of virtual tours from the ancient sites - to cultural tours - to farming and cooking tours! 

What ever your virtual wish is get in touch and let us know we can help you put together a perfect tour 

All our tours are live or semi live with live commentary (wifi can be a bit dodgy in a tomb!) so you can ask your guide questions along the way making it feel like you are really there! 

Get in touch today to start planning your virtual tour of a life time

We hope to see you virtually soon!

Historical Tours

Come with us as we take you for a fully guided tour around one of the great temples here in Egypt we have a few to choose from! 


Farming Tours

Let us show you how the working animals of Egypt. From the horses and donkeys to the cows and rabbits! We have a great selection of fur babies to introduce you too.


Cultural Tours

Let us take you for an Egyptian cultural experience taking in the site and sounds of Egypt from the hustle and bustle of the city to the farming lands and the Nile


Cooking Tours

Love Middle Eastern cooking and would love to learn how to do it at home?

Our cooking classes are great for a one on one interactive experience.
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