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So many people would love to visit Egypt but may not be able to we have taken this to heart and want to bring Egypt to you!

We have created virtual tours for everyone! 

If your looking for a special birthday gift we can  help, we have also started teaming up with schools all over the globe to bring Egypt to the class room! 

May be you have corporate clients that you would like to bring something a bit different too check out the links below 

We hope to see you virtually soon!

Private Tours

A great gift for anyone who loves travel or history give thenm an experience they will never forget!  

Still life of statues of king pharaoh tutankhamun tutankhamen and mythology jackal anubis
School Experience

We can cater for your local schools if your a teacher and would like an exceptional experience for your students. Get in touch! 

dandra temple.jpg
Corporate Days

Away days for clients are harder to sort in the wake of the pandemic if you would like to bring something new

click the link below

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