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Sailing TOURS

Many famous explorers have taken to the Nile to see Egypt in this most tranquil of was.

But as always we want our guests to see Egypt as it was supposed to be seen so have stuck to the traditional way of navigating the river Nile which is best seen via traditional sailing boats.

We can take you out at sunset or even for a cruise from Aswan To Luxor stopping at places where the big cruise boats can not stop, you can sleep under the stars and explore some of the natural places the Nile has to offer, seeing the people and wildlife of the Nile valley.

Prices Start from £15

For a quote send us details of your group sizes and how long you would like your adventure to last, then we can get back to you with the details and prices.


We are very lucky to work with tradtional sailing faluccas and the bigger Dahabyias these fantastic sailing boats will take you down the Nile using the eliments to get you to your destination :-)


We can arrange sunset sailings to full day sailings on the Nile to the more extravagant adventures on a dahabyia sailing the Nile to Aswan.

Programs for the week cruise programs to change over the season so  please drop us a line to find out more.

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