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On our school experiences we will bring the temples of Egypt right to your class room

All our tours are live or semi live with live commentary (wifi can be a bit dodgy in a tomb!) so you can ask your guide questions along the way making it feel like you are really there! 

Get in touch today to start planning your virtual tour of a life time

We hope to see you virtually soon!

How It Works

Choose from any of the tours listed below, send us an email with your chosen tours plus date and chosen time for your tours and we will then get back to you with confirmation and payment details. 

Once everything is confirmed you will get a tour link sent.


List Of Available Tours

   Luxor Tours

  • Karnak Temple

  • Luxor Temple

  • Medinat Habu

  • Seti I 

  • Tomb Of The Nobles

  • Der El Bahri

  • Der El Medina


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