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Egypt has so many beautiful places to hike :-)

We are based in Luxor but also work with some amazing teams around Egypt so we can take you hiking in the Sinia and the Red Sea areas.

As we specailise in Luxor we have some amazing hikes around the local villages taking in the farming areas and historical sites making these hike different from any other.

Prices Start from £15

For a quote send us details of your group sizes and how long you would like your adventure to last, then we can get back to you with the details and prices.


We can arrange a program from day hikes a week long adventure program taking in different hiking areas around Luxor.

Your program can include hiking the farming areas to the historic sites to the back streets of Luxor where you can take in the beauty of the old colonial era.

Get in touch and we can help you put together the perfect adventure ensuring you get to see all the wonders that our city ha to offer.

Or if your looking for something a little further a feild we can also arrange some magnificent hikes in and around the Red Sea and Sinia areas :-) how ever, these destinations are seasonal so please drop us a line to find out more.

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