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Come and join us here in Egypt for a tailor made tours of Egypt and all her treasures.

We can organise custom trips for you taking in to account all the places you have ever dreamed of visiting.

We can also arrange day trips any where over Egypt from visits to the temple and tombs to cultural tours.

We will take in to consideration any special requests or need you may have and incorporate this in to your program.

We also have organised trips that you can join with a chance to meet new friends with the same interests

Tour Egypt

Tailor make your trip of a life time with us here in Egypt tell us what would make your holiday of a life time.

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Cultural tours

We have unique cultural tours which will show you the Egypt that you would never get to see on the usual run of the mill tours.

Camel and Pyramids
Day Tours

Check out the list of day tours that we can offer 

From the ancient temples and tombs to the Red Sea coast

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