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Horse Care


Have you ever wanted to learn more about the horses and how to look after them?

Or may be you want to improve your equine knowledge in a totally different enviroment!

Having horses in Egypt comes with alot of different challenges that you wouldn't face anywhere else!

So we have created an experience where you can come and learn how about horse managment :-)


Pricing varies depending on your experience. Send us an equiry and let us know what you'd like to experience.

What To Expect

You can choose from a day to a whole week experience where we will put you up in 5* accomodation.

For beginner and novice guests we will take you through all equine  care and help guide you through introduction to horse care and wound managment. You will also be able to add on lunging and long lining for beginners and riding lessons.

For more experienced guests we will take you through equine care and wound management showing you alternative ways by taking equine care back to basics.

We also offer help with BHS training from stage one to stage three,  our lead trainer  can take you through the basics and help you to improve. We can also add riding lessons to your week to help you improve your ground work and lunging and long lining techniques.

We also offer day experience to see an amazing charity that offers free medical treatment to the working animals of Luxor, here you will see many different ways in how to treat horses and learn how this incredible charity has evolved and has helped so many animals.

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