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blue lotus farm



At Blue Lotus Farm we have a small herd of cows, goats and horses.

We developed our farm so that we could become more self-sufficient with our milking girls - we make our own butter, cheese, and some Egyptian speciality cheeses like 'mish'!

Our goats are more like pets but when mamma goat gets plenty of milk, we get excited as we can make some yummy feta cheese :-) 

Our horses are all rescues and each one has its own story, which you can check out on our forever home page 

This year we have started planting our fruit trees so that we can bring back some rare baladi (local) trees - the fruit is much smaller but much tastier than any other.

FArming Experiences

milking cows



trial riding



feeding the horses

Equine Care



Horse Livery

FArming Blog

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