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If you are into Egyptian History, Culture, Cooking & Animals you have come to the right place!

We are specialists in everything Egypt with over 25yrs servicing voyagers and showing them the real Egypt!

If you're wanting to have a truly unique experience virtually or while you are here in Egypt then get in touch we have everything from touring the wonders of the ancient world to hiking or riding while taking in the Egyptian people and their culture.

If you would like a taste of what to expect we have partnered with Virtual Trip company Heygo where each week we take you on a virtual trip to give you a taste of  the wonders of Egypt


Not everyone can travel or maybe your just curious about what Egypt has to offer before booking that flight!

Come with us on our virtual trips taking in the ancient sites and the cultural wonders that this amazing country has to offer

We hope to see you virtually soon! 

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The first thing you will notice when visiting Blue Lotus is the peace and quiet, making it the ideal place for our tours to start. We offer exclusive horse riding and farming experiences, specialist guided trips to the monuments, self-care or creative retreats - all these include a mixture of modern and ancient Egyptian life - something few tourists ever experience!


In our learning center you can try your hand at Arabic or hieroglyphics, we will be taking a look at Ancient history and the more modern Egypt in this weekly blog.


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Come Join Us This March!

This March we have a great 7 night trip taking in the highlights and some extra ;-)

Prices Start from £1200


Check out our weekly blog showing our adventures down on the farm!

Learn about real Egyptian farming and wildlife and discover the stories behind all our animals.

Let us show you that Egypt is a lot more than just tombs and temples (even though they are amazing too!)


Check out our shop full of unique merchandise, from one off prints, or grab yourself a real piece of Egypt with unique items sent to you directly from here.

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At Blue Lotus we believe in giving back so we have created a forever home for animals that needs it.

Check out their stories and how you can help.

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