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The Blue lotus kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen! 

I want to share with you guys the wonders of Middle Eastern cooking. In 22 years' of living in rural Egypt I've managed to pick up quite a few amazing traditional recipes along the way!

So, come with me on this culinary adventure - learn authentic recipes, watch live cooking demos and get 'insider' tips.

          L x

Arabic cuisine; Egyptian dish Molokhya o

Throughout the year I will be hosting events for anyone wanting to learn how to cook authentic Egyptian dishes that you can share with your family and friends! 

Blue Lotus Events

Arabic cuisine: kushari of rice, pasta,

Blue Lotus Live!

 Join me for our live cooking show on Facebook every Friday @ 6:30pm GMT

It's free - just click 'subscribe' for the Facebook link!

egyptian breakfast

Come to Egypt and join in one of our Cooking Experiences - learn how to cook traditional Egyptian food, with the backdrop of the Theban hills!

Come On By!

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