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Baby Raad DoDo DoDoDoDo!

I first saw Raad when he was only a yearling (1yr old) a sweet little thing that was scared of his own shadow!

I spent a bit of time getting to know him as his stable was next to Gazelle and Sharifas and it was obvious that he wanted to be friends but was just to nervous to make the first move.

Over the following weeks he started to get more and more friendly until in the end he would just follow you every where! He was a pretty little thing but quite small with an over bite which actually made him look more cute 🥰

it was when we where in the process of buying our other two horses that I was made aware that Raad was ear marked for becoming a dancing horse

Now here in Egypt the training process is terrible as instead of using forms of schooling to get the horse to dance they actually tie there front legs to there back legs so instead of them being able to walk normally they end up in a kind of shuffle or high step with two hoof of the ground at the same time on the same side! It’s a horrible process to watch as it takes a beautiful horse and makes them walk like a robot! 😢