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Basbousa aka Egyptian Semolina Cake

Basbousa is a semolina cake that is traditionally flavoured with nuts and sugar water. A real favourite in Egypt especially around feast times.

It is a light and fluffy cake but laced with lots of sugar water making this a really sweet treat.


Cake Batter

Semolina flour x 2 cups

Sugar x 1 ½ cups

Baking Powder x 2 tsp

Vanilla Extract x 1 tsp

Butter x 1 tbsp

Natural Yogurt x 1 ½ cups

Butter x 1 tsp

Tahina x 1 tsp

For Decoration


Shredded Coconut

For sugar water

Sugar x 2 cups

Water x 1 cup

Rose Water x 2 tbsp

Prep Cooking

10mins. 35mins


Step 1

In a 26 inch shallow tin line the tin with the tsp of butter and then add the tahina on top of the butter as a double thickness layer this will also add extra flavour to your cake.

Pre heat oven to 180 degrees.

Step 2

In a bowl add the semolina flour, sugar, vanilla extract and butter. Using your hands crumble the ingredients together until the mix resembles a bread crumb consistency.

Step 3

Once all the dry ingredients are mixed add in the cup and a half of yogurt and mix. Once mixed well you should have a loose consistency to the batter. If your batter still looks a little thick then you can add a little more yogurt or if to runny add a little more semolina.

Step 4

Add batter to your lined cake tin and with a metal spoon spread evenly round the tin. Once done add your nuts and coconut on top for decoration.

Then place in your pre heated oven.

Step 5

In a saucepan add the sugar, rose water and water and gently heat up until the sugar has dissolved. Once done leave to cool.

Step 6

Once your cake has reached a nice golden brown take out of the oven and prick the top of the cake with a cocktail stick and then pour the sugar water over the top.

It may feel like there is a lot of liquid, but this will sink into the cake.

Step 7

Once cooked enjoy on its own or with some ice cream 😉

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