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Chicken Shawarma

Updated: May 7, 2021

Shwarma is a great dish that can be eaten in a simple sandwich or made in to a full blown meal.

It can also be made nice and mild or hot 'n' spicy!

A favourite Egyptian dish that can be found in every restaurant, but this dish is so easy that any one can make it from the comfort of your own kitchen


Breast Chicken

Oil for frying

Spice Rub

3 tsp x paprika

2 tsp x turmeric

2 tsp x salt

1 tsp x onion powder

1 tsp x garlic powder

1 tsp x cumin

1 tsp x coriander

1 tsp x mixed spice

1 tsp x red pepper

1/2 tsp x chilli powder

Taste the powder and you can adjust the taste as needed 😘


Step 1

Prepare your meat at least 5hrs before cooking to ensure a good flavour

Start by cutting your meat in to equal strips if your meat is a little wet pat dry with a paper towel.

Step 2

Place meat in a bowel and add your spice run mix making sure all the meat is covered well with the rub then cover and place in the fridge.

Step 3 Once marinated heat two tbsp of oil in a frying pan a frying pan then add your meat

Keep frying until you have completely cooked the chicken through as no one likes raw chicken!!

Step 4 When cooked either place with rice and eat or add to some pita bread and add salad for a lovely sandwich!

If your shawarma is a little spicy add a drizzle of cucumber and yogurt dressing


1 cup yogurt

1/2 cup finely chopped or grated cucumber

1/2 cup finely chopped parsley

Mix all together and enjoy!

Don’t forget to send us your pictures 😘

See you all next week for a classic Egyptian Breakfast x

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