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Egyptian Adas aka Red Lentil Soup

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

A favourite at any time of the year is Egyptian Red Lentil Soup a nice warming dish that can be eaten alone or as part of a bigger meal.


Red Lentils 1kg

Onion 1 Small

Tomatoe 1 Small

Garlic 1/2 bulb


Prep Time Cook Ready In

15 mins 60 mins 1hr 15mins


Step 1

Empty the bag of red lentils in a colander and wash the lentils to get rid of the starch the water will run white to start then as the starch is washed away will run clear. Keep washing them until the water runs clear.

Step 2

Once you have washed the lentils put them in to a saucepan and then add water you will need to add two times the amount of water to the amount of lentils as they will absorb water as they cook.

Then add a small onion this will add extra flavour :-)

Step 3

Once on the heat bring them to boil before turning the heat down to let the lentils simmer.

As your lentils come to the boil you will see a white foamy skin start to form on the top you will need to ladel this off as it is the last bit of starch coming off the lentils.

Step 4

Keep boiling your lentils until the are soft this can take up to 25 minutes depending on the amount of lentils and the size of your saucepan.

Turn the heat off and set to one side.

Step 5

Take your garlic and peel and crush and fry until goldern brown then add in to the set aside lentils

Step 6

Once the garlic has been added and stired in to the lentils use either a hand held blender or a normal blender to smooth out the lentils.

Step 7

Add salt to taste and Serve.

For decoration you can add a sprig of parsly :-)

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