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Egyptian Arabic Phrases

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

When travelling it is always useful to learn some important phrases of the local language. Some times especially with Arabic there are different variations of the language for instance the people in Egypt speak very differently to the people in Jordon and the people in Libya!

Having said that each Arabic speaking country sticks to the same classical Arabic when i comes to the written word this can sometimes get very confusing!

So as a start I have listed some of the commonly used phrases to get you started on your Arabic speaking journey.

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English Arabic (transliteration) عربي

Hello (basic greeting) salaam ‘aleikum سلام عليكم

Goodbye ma’a salaameh مع سلامة

How’s it going? 3aamil eh? عامل ايه؟ izzayak? ازيك؟ eh akhbaar? ايه اخبار؟ akhbaarak eh? اخبارك ايه؟

Fine Everything’s good kwayyis, kullu tamaam كويس،كله تمام alHamdulillah الحمد لله

Excuse me! ba3d iznak (or iznik to a female) بعد اذنك

Pardon me law samaHt لو سمحت

Excuse me, 3yiiz a’ool lak ba3d iznak عيز اقول لك بعد اذنك

I want to tell you