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Egyptian Sun Bread

Aysh Shems or know in English as Egyptian Sun Bread has been part of

the Egyptian diet since the time of the pharaohs we can often see this bread depicted on the walls of tombs and temples.

This bread is something the woman of an Egyptian household make at least once a week

below is the recipe so you can give it a try 🥰


For Biga (pre-ferment)

Strong White Flour x 2 cups

Instant Yeast. x 1/4 teaspoon

Tepid Water. x 3/4 cup


Strong White Flour. x 2.5 cups

Tepid Water. x 3/4 cup

Instant Yeast. x 3/4 teaspoon

Table Salt. x 1 1/4 teaspoon


Big Bowl

Tea Towel

Wooden Board or Baking Tray



prepare the biga

The night before by combining all the dry ingredients as above, adding in the water a little at a time. Mix well until all combined and leave on the side over night covered with a cloth


Preparing the dough

Add together all dry ingredients as listed above mix well then add water as you did with the biga mox until a dough is formed then cover and leave for 60mins


After 60mins add in the biga to your dough mix and knead together well keep mixing the dough until soft and smooth with a spring back

let it rest until it doubles in size


On a tray or wooden board sprinkle bran over the surface then add a hand sized ball of dough pat to slightly flatten


Leave in the sun until doubles in size once doubled turn over and with a pin score a half moon on the edge of the bread to create the share pieces


Heat oven to 200 degrees


Cook bread for 15 mins or until golden brown or hollow sounding when tapped.

For the purpose of demonstrating I have used photos of the traditional way of baking the bread but you can use any oven to produce the same bread


Until next time Happy Baking!

L x

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