Farola aka Strawberry 🍓

This first picture is Farola when she arrived at ACE mid-January.  Volunteer veterinarian from Bosnia, Nermina Spahija, named her Farola because Nermina’s favorite food is strawberries.  Farola is Arabic for strawberry.  Nermina was involved along with all the vets at ACE in Farola’s care. 

The photo of Farola where she is super dirty and looks real haggard was taken after she had a rough night in her stall and thrashed about.  The stable boys had to help her up.  She nipped one of them. 

Farola had a huge wound on her withers from improperly fitting tack used constantly and the skin, muscles, all soft tissue was gone from this area.  Farola was covered in cuts, scabs, wounds, abrasions, scars and emaciated.  It was hard to find a bit of skin in good condition. 

She was in such poor condition that as the vets treated these gaping wounds Farola did not bat an eye, just stood there not reacting to the pain. 

Nermina thought she had been in such extreme pain with these open wounds for so long and was so malnourished that she did not have the energy to react as a typical horse would react to the vet’s cleaning and medicating of her wounds.