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Fayoum And Its Beauty

This March I had the opportunity to experience the magical Fayoum Oasis, it is somewhere I have wanted to travel to for years but until this year had never managed to get too!

I had the pleasure of traveling there with the fabulous Pip Lee so I knew we would be having an epic adventure :-)

We where picked up by taxi from Cairo and took the desert road out to Fayoum a journey of about 2hrs the roads weren't to bad and the scenery was ok we got to see a different side of the desert.

Our first sighting of Fayoum was when we saw Lake Qarun which covers 214 square km! what suprised me was the smell of sea salt that hits you as you drive past this enormous lake!

We travelled around 11km to get to our destination of Tunis village, we were so surprised at what we found there! It was like entering another world! where we had little streets adorned with street art and artisan shops, we couldn't wait to explore!

Our accommodation was the Sobek hotel a cute little hotel with a small swimming pool and a fantastic view over the villages agricultural area leading down to the Lake.

We were also suprised at all the marigol