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Mashi Stuffed Vegetables

Once of the most favoured dishes during the feast season is the stuffed vegetables. This dish can be for meat eaters or vegetarian all you need to do is swap so elements over.


Peppers / Courgettes / cabbage - 1kg

White Rice - 1kg

Tomatoes - 1kg

Onion - 1 large

Garlic - 1 bulb

Beef Stock or Veg Stock Cube - 1 stock cube / homemade

Dill - handfull

Coriander dried - 1tsp

Black Pepper - 1tsp

Salt - 1tsp


Step 1

Wash the rice so that all the starch is taken off the rice so it doesn't go sticky

Stage 2

Making salsa

Chop up your tomatoes and blitz them in a blender

Chop up the onion and garlic and fry off then add your blended tomatoes

Season with salt, pepper and coriander.

Once the tomatoes have simmered down and start to become thick take off the heat and add to the washed rice.

Stir together and add the dill

Set to one side.

Stage 3

Take your chosen vegetable and hull out so you have a shell to add your rice too.

Stage 4

Loosely fill each piece of hulled veg and add to a oven dish.

Once full add your stock and bring to the boil once boiling turn down to simmer until all the water has eveporated.

Stage 5

Add to the oven and cook until it has browned up.

Stage 6

Eat and enjoy!!

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