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Melban Egyptian Turkish Delight

This extremely sweet desert is a favourite during celebrations like Ramadan and Christmas


150g. Water

40g. Cornstarch

2 tsp. Lemon Juice

2 tsp. Rose water

200g. Granulated Sugar

5 tbsp. Golden syrup or Corn syrup


Chopped nuts any will be ok

Final coating

4 tsp. Cornstarch

4 tsp. Icing sugar / powder sugar


1 Add corn starch and water and whisk until well combined with no lumps

2 Turn on the heat keep whisking until it gets thicker and starts to pull away from the pan

3 Add in Lemon juice and Rose water whisk until well combined

4 Add in 1 tbsp of golden syrup ans a 1/3rd of the sugar and keep stiring over a very low heat

5 Once the sugar has disoloved add in more sugar and golden syrup until again disoloved keep doing this until sugar and syrup finished keep stiring until thickened

6 once all combined add in vanilla, food colouring and nuts

7 In a pan add greese proof paper then pour in malbam mix

8 after a minimum of 4hrs or until it's thick take out of the fridge and cut on to squares

9 Mix the corn starch and icing sugar

10. Put the square one at a time in to the icing sugar mix then place in to a storage container

11. Enjoy!!

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