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Our Egyptian Life!

Since we started the farm 4 years ago we have come across a lot of highs and lows, having to navigate a completely different way of keeping our animals and having to think on our feet and be able to adapt to different situations!

So how did this all start?

I was born and raised in the UK and 22 years ago I married my husband who is a native Luxorian. Coming from a rural background it was a natural progression to start farming as I already knew a lot about it but nothing could have prepared me for the Egyptian way!!!

Over the last 4 years, we have grown from having a couple of horses to now having a total of 28 animals and still growing!!!!

Every day is an experience with new challenges being thrown up!

So we decided to start a blog documenting our daily lives here on the farm so you too can see it through our eyes :-)

We will be posting every Friday so come along with us and see how we live like Egyptians and farm like a native! and come and see the real stars of our story the animals themselves!

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