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Shopping In Arabic!

One useful thing to learn when visiting any country has to be how to buy products from the supermarket or market!

Just having the basics for shopping can make a big difference, so I have listed below some useful phrases as well as the words for most commonly used produce :-)

Good morning. : Sabah al hair صباح الخير


Good afternoon/: MESSuh al hair . مساء الخير

Good evening.

Peace be upon you/Hello. : SuLAWM awLAYkome .السلام عليكم

Where is the bag? : Fane al SHUNtuh? فين الشنطة؟

I want… : EYEizz… عايز

I am looking for… : Ana bihDOWurr AWluh انا بدور على

Fruit : FECK-huh فاكه

I want to buy some fruit. : EYEizz ehshtEHree FECKhuh عايز اشتري فاكهة

Where is the fruit? : Fane elFECKhuh? فين الفاكهة؟

Oranges: BORtuhWAWN برتقان

Apples: TooFEH تفاح

Strawberries : fuhROWluh فراولة

Mangoes: MAWNguh مانجا

Watermelons : bawTEEH بطيخ

Peaches : HOOKH خوخ

Banana/s : MOHzz موز

Vegetables : hooTHDAWR خضار

I want to buy some EYEizz ehSHTEHree عايز اشتري خضار

vegetables. : hooTHDAWR

Where are the vegetables? : Fane el hooTHDAWR? فين الخضار؟

Carrots : GUHzrr جزر

Tomatoes : tuhMAWtum طماطم

Cucumbers : KheyeARE خيار

Bell peppers : fill-fill فلفل

Spinach : suh-BEHniKh سبانخ

Eggplant : BIHtinGEHN بتنجان

Onions : BUHsll بصل

Potatoes : buhTAWtuss بطاطس

I want an Eyeizz

eighth/quarter/half kilo. TOHmnn/rObaw/NUSS kilo عايز ربع\نص كيلو

I want a kilo. : Eyizz kilo عايز كيلو

I want a kilo of bananas. : EYEizz kilo MOHzz عايز كيلو موز

Anything else? : Haga TAWnee? حاجة تاني؟

No, that’s it. thanks: Law’a, bes’ keduh…Shukrawn لا, بس كده..شكرا

That’s enough. : KiFAYuh kehduh كفاية كده

Do you have change? Maw’k fekuh معاك فكة؟

I don’t have change. Mish mawAYuh feckuh مش معايا فكة

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