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Sharifa or ShuShu for short is the second of our lovely horses 🥰

This amazing mare comes with so much attitude, also known as shuatude!! 😂

I met Shu on my second visit to the local stables and rode her as an alternative to Gazelle she was everything you need for a novice ride a bit slow for my liking but was a real pleasure thats why it was a no brainer to let my children ride her when they wanted to start coming along as she was great for their confidence and never, even until today has put a foot wrong.

She is a typical mare though and has the best mare stare I think I’ve ever seen!!!

But life hadn’t been rosey for this beautiful girl either, because she was so good she was used day in day out for hours taking guest out on tours, she was used so much she had serious saddle sores and there was a dullness in her eye that would break your heart

So when we brought Gazelle we decided to take her too after all we needed a second horse 🙄

When we first moved her we had no idea the issues she really had. Now I have had horses since I was three in the UK and worked and run yards as my career but the issues that we have faced here it’s been like learning horse management all over again!!

The first week we had her she started colicing, this is basically tummy ache for horses which can be fatal.

At first she got it quite mildly but as time went on she got worse with each colic 😢

We tried all sorts, worked her more - worked her less - fed her different types of feed it’s was only on the last bout that we had to rush her to the local animal hospital where we discovered she had what is called an impaction, which means she had feed stuck in her intestines giving her a kind of constipation which if it didn’t clear she would have to be put to sleep 😢

The vets at the charity Ace- animal care in Egypt did an amazing job and got her back on track

It was this last colic that we learned she was not able to digest hard feed and could only eat greens like Alfalfa and grass

Straight away we changed her diet and since then she has been in the best health of her life!

It was heart breaking to think that she had been suffering most of her life and that we could of lost her because of the lack of information.

Today ShuShu has a relaxing life going out on adventures only three times per week Instead of for hours every day and spends the rest of her days eating and bossing all the other horses around.

She also helps me teach horse management and gives the odd riding lesson.

She still has the best mare stare ever but secretly loves a good cuddle and adores her daily showers!

Gone are the wounds of the past, she now has a life of food and pampering to look forward too and a home she will never ever leave ❤️

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