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Soloman 'New Beginnings'

Three months ago I was contacted by the lovely Kim Taylor from Ace who had a problem, as horse had been brought in to the centre and left she asked if I’d come and have a look at him before his fate was decided.

When I first saw him I couldn’t see past the poor state this boy was in 😢

He was so skinny you could clearly see every bone in his body, his feet and legs where in a terrible mess and his coat was patchy with some kind of skin problem.

May initial thought was may be he should be put to sleep to end his suffering but then I met him up close!

He was far from finished yet thank you very much he was a little aggressive at first but soon calmed when he realized I wasn’t there to hurt him.

I ran my hands over his legs and winced at every limp and bump I felt he thought this was very amusing and just kept looking at me as though I’d gone mad!

It was then decided that he should have a chance and if fate intervened and he had to cross the rainbow bridge at least he would know some love before he went.

The day he arrived he looked so bad, I think everyone had thought I’d lost my mind bringing a horse in such a state home, but I just ignored the looks and took him from the truck. He was so stiff it took him ages to make it to his new stable but once in he looked around and just went down for a roll! The look of pure pleasure in his eyes was enough to bring a lump to my throat, this poor horse had only known pain and suffering but as soon as he felt a little safer he relaxed and settled in.

The next few days where hard as Soloman had no strength in his legs at all so when he decided to go down to sleep he would get stuck and we would have to give him a helping had to get up.

The temptation to over feed him was massive but I knew if we did that he would get sick so we introduced feed little by little making sure not to over do it.

A month on and he had started to gain weight the spark in his eyes just shone so bright. I was worried he wouldn’t ever gain enough strength but he proved me wrong one day when he decided he wanted to meet one of our other horses so decided to push through a closed gate!! He thought he was very clever!!!!

Being a stallion we where worried he would turn nasty as he gained condition but thus far all he has shown is pure love towards us.

Every morning when I arrive at the yard I’m greeted with a whinny, he loves a good old cuddle and sometimes when I’m not paying attention he tries to give me a little love bite!

We are three months on now and he has gone from strength to strength he is a stickler for routine and gets very upset if I don’t shower him before putting him back in his box!

His feet are improving though we have a VERY long way to go with them as they are in such poor condition that on my next visit to the UK I will have to bring back some supplements to help strength his hoofs.

We are so happy that since he has been with us he has gained two new mummies that help support the work we are doing with him.

Soloman has become the soul of the Blue Lotus Stables his pure character will win anyone over his pure join at the smallest of things will melt your heart.

All we need to do now is make him better and may be geld him so that he can then go out and be part of the herd.

If you would liek to help our work with these amaing animals or may be sponsor a new rescue go to our sanctury page for more on how you can help.

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