Soloman 'New Beginnings'

Three months ago I was contacted by the lovely Kim Taylor from Ace who had a problem, as horse had been brought in to the centre and left she asked if I’d come and have a look at him before his fate was decided.

When I first saw him I couldn’t see past the poor state this boy was in 😢

He was so skinny you could clearly see every bone in his body, his feet and legs where in a terrible mess and his coat was patchy with some kind of skin problem.

May initial thought was may be he should be put to sleep to end his suffering but then I met him up close!

He was far from finished yet thank you very much he was a little aggressive at first but soon calmed when he realized I wasn’t there to hurt him.

I ran my hands over his legs and winced at every limp and bump I felt he thought this was very amusing and just kept looking at me as though I’d gone mad!

It was then decided that he should have a chance and if fate intervened and he had to cross the rainbow bridge at least he would know some love before he went.