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Suffering Ends...

All my life I have been privileged to own and work with many amazing horses from all over. In the UK we for the most part treat our animals like part of the family with a minority that mistreat them and even then we have laws in place to deal with the cruelty that can arise.

But here in Egypt it is very different animals such as donkeys and horses are for the most part working animals here to aid the farmer in earning his daily bread. Horses are also used as dancing horses and race horses and most are not treated fairly or humanly. Strangely enough this treatment isn't done out of hatred for the animals but out of uneducation they have not been taught about why you should feed them properly or why tack has to fit correctly or a bit needs to be a certain way.

The way they treat their horses comes down to their traditions and beliefs.

This was one of the reasons I decided to start The Blue Lotus because the horses I use are not full Arabian beauties but the local Baladi horses these amazing animals are seen as cheap and not regarded very highly but to me one Baladi horse is worth 1000 pure breed Arabs!

Mainly small in size most on bigger than 15.2hh these amazing horses have incredibly big hearts and even though most I work with and own have been abused in some way once shown some love and kindness become the most true and honest ride you will ever have!

One such horse was my new addition Gem out riding one day we came across her tied to a lamppost out side the owners house. The owner saw us coming and stopped us and asked if we could take a look at her because she wasn't doing so good.